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The finest zombie games in the business

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Zombies are quite popular among the people all over the globe simply for the fact that they are the walking dead. What can be more terrifying than a walking dead? There are several movies that was made based on zombies and most of these movies made it to good grossing movies in the box office. Similarly the craze for zombies in the video game business too is very high. There are many Zombie movies that you can play online and offline. These zombie games are popular because they are exciting and there are several levels that you can to finish up. You need to eliminate these zombies so that you can save your town.


There are many companies that launch zombie movies every year and these movies are very popular among the people. These movies bring excitement with stunning graphics and hence are so popular among the people. If you are looking to play some of the finest zombie movies in the business then here is the list of the top zombie games:

  • Undead zombies
  • Zombie shootout
  • Box head 2
  • The last stand 2
  • 13 days in hell

Hardware such as Chrome books, Chrome casts can be downloaded and purchased with the help of Google store which are in built in most of the Android smart phones. Google play is always a competitor to iTunes when the games they create are particularly concerned. The latest stable release of the Google play is 4.5.10 and many new applications and features have come up which the youngsters in many countries enjoy and play the games in their odd times. Google play vouchers are available in many stores which deal with Google

The Undead zombie’s game is the latest and the top zombie games of 2015 and one of the best games till date. It is the series of the old zombie game. It is a real joy to play this game. This game is very much interesting for the one who loves zombies and they have the guns from different brands and other manufacturers. We need to focus and have control in this game. Zombie shootout game is all about shooting zombies and here we have many zombies, which are really difficult to tackle. We can win by defeating all those zombies. Box head 2 is another popular Sci-fi game which is very popular and there are so many twists involved. Here in this game the main aim is to kill zombies. The last stand 2 is generally a game for the computer users and then we need to complete missions by killing zombies. With the release of the Google play many users don’t think it twice to purchase the applications in the Google based devices and they buy all possible things to play games on these modern devices. The customers need to download the play books once they reach their own country where they have this facility.