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Trollface quest: trolled by a quest

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In the gaming world, who would have thought that a one-off doodle by an 18 year-old would one day become a game in itself! After the popular memes using this troll face, as if people could not get enough of it, then came up an unplayable game viz. Trollface quest. It had the original troll faced guy until it was realized that clicking on the game was rick rolling. Consequently the game developers play and A4 games developed a quest that could leave you trolling for anything.

What is it all about?

An entertaining activity with progressive levels which eventually triggers the creative ability of the mind defines this game called Trollface quest. It incorporates a rather unexpected logic of pointing the cursor at a unique coordinate of the screen which then initiates a quick absurd animation unravelling the successive level. The absurdity could range from as simple as clicking on a doorknob to clicking unintelligently an animal and getting the troll faced guy into trouble.

Gameplay, Controls and Graphics:

It is a single-player game which requires not much of the technical requirements of a desktop, laptop and other gadgets which support Android or iOS. Trollface quest necessitates control using the mouse for a smooth point and click movements, although the smart-phone versions would work using fingers. Most of the graphics include hand-drawn sketches with the protagonist being a stick-figure with the face of a troll. Over the time, with newer versions the developers have experimented with colors and backgrounds. Successive versions have been designed such that they increasingly test the out-of-the-box thinking of a player.

Each level can be played over and over again till the troll faced fellow is prevented from being killed or being caught. This point-and-click adventure has no concept of resource-gathering. Originally available are the 15 versions of the game and each has its own interesting gameplay. You can choose between the different versions that exist and choose to play any or all of them to keep yourself entertained. With a number of versions, it is ensured that you are never bored.

Reception of the game:

A free escape game with the famous meme character performing the most doltish acts trying to make us laugh makes it a get-away from the mundane routine of life. The Trollface quests has been received well and has won accolades as the Game of the Year. Players can now connect their game to their respective Facebook accounts, thus exemplifying the increasing popularity of this adventure game.

Could it be recommended?

Trollface quest is a play-it-anywhere-anytime game to have a quick belly-laugh and get rid of depressions. Wading through different levels could get on your nerves, but certainly reminds you of an infantile stupidity as in those episodes of Scooby-Doo and Tom and Jerry. So go ahead and click intelligently on the screen to save the imbecile guy from the craziest of attacks from the simplest of things around him. In turn discover ways of smiling and laughing. Happy trolling!

Ways to make money through flash games

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Earning money is today in this era is a very difficult thing. People work many hours of their day, but can’t make enough money from it. Sad, isn’t it. Making money online is a very simple thing. Only it wants a sharp mind and talent. Well, by making money online sentence, I didn’t only mean that you can get money by writing, blogging and smashing your head hours with it. There are more simple ways that don’t require much effort. One of them is by making money by making a video game by adobe or any other software. You will just spend a few hours making a game and others will pay you by playing it. See! How simple is that.

Making money by making games have been very successful because people, including kids, teenagers and adults, love to play games online on the internet. Internet is available almost everywhere and there are people who are taking good advantage of it by making money. This is so simple you make a game, sell it to high paying sites and have patience. And by this, a way getting money opens up and it increases day by day as visitors get increased. Voila! For your success if it happens quickly.

You can also put that game you made on your blog and that can promote your blog and your game too, as visitors begin to come. Making money from games can be a great benefit if you give your time and strength to it. It is a clear, established and easy way. People still don’t believe that you can make 1000$ a month just by making a game and selling it. In this article, I will tell you how it can really happen!


Ads are a good and genuine way to make money. If you are having a blog that have visitors daily, then you must know what I am talking about! If not, you would be saying how can this get you money? See, if your game is popular that means more Ads on that site. Those ads giving companies pay only for displaying their Ads on that site your game is being played. It can be the default way of getting money, only if your game hits popularity. Otherwise, it’s not going to work for you. In that case, you may promote that site by marketing on social networking sites and that can help you get visitors to your game.


This is also one of the best ways to get money. The more sponsors you get, the more money you receive. This can be fixed, performance based or hybrid sponsorship with those sites or companies that pay you just by having their Ads or revenues on that game site. So there are a lot of ways to make money by making games.


Licensing is that you make a game and then sell that game to a popular site and they will license that game under their name. It’s a one of the greatest ways to earn money from that game too.

Whack your ex game review

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Playing online games is one of the common hobbies and time pass for most of them in today’s electronic world. There are some games which are played to get rid of one’s frustration. Such games are funny and time pass games. Those funny games are created as browser based games. One such funny game that is very much interesting is whack your ex.

About the game whack your ex

This game is a stress reliever as anyone who has frustration on his or her boyfriend or girlfriend can take relieve it by playing this whack your ex game. One can take revenge on their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend without harming them in real. This is a gross game that is like a good therapy which is of fun kind. After a breakup there will be no chance of hitting your ex in this game your wishes will be fulfilled without any legal issues.

Whack your ex is a flash game. In the game there are two characters one man and one woman. On the floor there are many items which can be clicked. The game is played by clicking on the items below. When the game starts the two characters stand in front of each other. The items on the floor are used to hurt each other and rip out each other.

Let us discuss on each item’s role

  • When the laptop is clicked, it is used a weapon to bang the girl’s head. It is fun to hit senselessly just to take out one’s anger.
  • There is brick like item, when clicked on it someone gives more bricks to construct a wall. This wall is like a hideoutused in kingdoms. Once the wall is completed, the girl character peeps through a hole in the wall and she is blown out and killed.
  • There is one item which is the funniest item. Click on the mud like item it is not mud it is feces. When clicked a gun is connected to the man’s ass from where he shoots the feces on the girl character.
  • When clicked on the shoes, the guy gets a new girlfriend and hits the ex with his shoes.
  • There is a birthday cap, when clicked on it, a monkey appears and placed the cap on both the characters head and walks away. Again the monkey comes and gives a bunch of the balloons to the girl and the girl flies away.

All the above were hurting the ex-girlfriends now let us see how to hurt the ex-boyfriends

  • When clicked on the credit card, the girl get dressed like a princess, a sporty car appears and waves the card to the guy. His smile disappears and he is shocked to see his card missing. He is hit and run on by the car.
  • There is a gift item. When clicked on it the guy opens it and finds boxing gloves. The girl wears it and smashes the guy till he dies.

Likewise there are many such funny actions on the click each one. Whack your ex game is very good anger management stuff.

Infiltrating the Airship game from Stickman Games

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Flash games are the new hip that have hit the internet quite some time ago, but have merely started to become the headline to people’s days just some time ago. People are too fond of ‘not getting bored’ these days and that makes them wanting to have more and more of it. It is very easy to get a console and play one of the best games with the coolest storylines at home but when you’re at work or in school or maybe even the dentist’s office. You will realize that there isn’t much to do and the only thing that you actually can do is wish for a better game. Well, Infiltrating the Airship is here. We won’t say it’s a new exclusive as it is yet another sequel to the long ongoing series of games from Stickman games and this too is one of their game’s features. People don’t realize that these flash games are perhaps the most entertaining things that they can do each day. Well, the Infiltrating the Airship game is one that will help you realize how good flash games can actually be. Let us elaborate on how exactly the Infiltrating the Airship flash game is amazing.

The Henry Stickmin Saga

What Matt Damon is to the Bourne Series, what Tom Cruise is to the Mission Impossible series and what Bradley Cooper is to the Hangover series explains just how important Henry Stickmin is to the Stickman Flash games series. The saga of Henry Stickmin, the lead character of the flash games by Stickman games, is amazing. This character has been used in each of the series of the games that have been in the game series by Stickman games. This is where they get the audience hooked up. The Henry Stickmin Character is very amazing and is on top of his game in each of the storylines. You can say that the storylines are connected very vividly and even in the Infiltrating the Airship game, you’ll find the character doing what he does best.

Gameplay that counts

infiltrating-the-airshipWith an extraordinary gameplay that makes up for perhaps everything else that you may need, the Infiltrating the Airship flash game is one that I wouldn’t miss out at any cost. With no lag, the game gives you excellent quality that most games don’t. This sure makes it one game that most people can stick to. We can easily say that Infiltrating the Airship was an amazing addition to the series of games that Stickman Flash Games produced. Only Breaking the Bank was one game in the series that got as much appreciation as this game and that is one good thing that came out from this.

Hence, this game is amazing in every aspect and should make you try out flash games if you’re not a fan. Avail this offer today and make sure you’re making the most out of your everyday boredom with this game.