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Registration opens a lot of benefits which help you to boost your positive experience of interaction with Jar of Games community. First of all, only registered users can comment games and vote for them. So if you want to help your favorite game to appear in the "Top rated games" section – you definitely should register.

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There are several ways to earn points which will be extended in the future. As for today you can earn points by:

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At the moment the points only increase your position in the global rating of the Jar of Games players community. You can see the Top 10 most active players (according to their points) in the Top players section.

We are working on the advantages and privileges which every user will get by achieving more points. At least they will affect every user's voting power and increase the player's profile level.

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Qwanturank, the game to improve your SEO on Qwant search engine

Since 2 December began the qwanturank SEO competition on the Qwant search engine. If you are in need of ranking we give you some tips that will improve your positioning on Qwant as on Google.

Qwanturank : Launch a contest

For starters, you can create just about anything you can imagine, from photo and video contests to personality quizzes and quizzes, "vote to participate" -there are no limits. These types of campaigns generate much more commitment and allow for the collection of real and valuable data (such as an e-mail address) that can be used for future marketing, which is much more useful than a comment or similar comment.

Another advantage: when you create a home page, you can customize the look and feel of the contest to enhance your company's reputation and increase the credibility of your campaign.

Finally, a major and often overlooked advantage of creating a contest published on a landing page is the ability to use the URL to improve its SEO. The result is an increase in discovery facility and organic traffic, which ultimately equals more entries !

In this article we will do a deep dive into the best ways to customize your URL and the advantages of each. But first, let's talk about SEO.

What is SEO and how does it work ?

Using the URL of your website gives credibility to your contest or integrated gift. Because participants recognize the URL as trustworthy, it encourages them to fill out your registration form with their personal information, which is not an easy feat in this era of increased online security.

But beyond reliability, internet security Qwant and brand image, what are the benefits of optimizing search engines to enter a competition ? If you have already done search engine optimization work on your website, the integration of a contest or gift can allow you to benefit from your work. In other words, if your website is already attracting organic traffic, you may as well direct that same traffic to your integrated contest.

Integration is far preferable to using the campaign'S default URL, which, depending on how you build and publish it, this immemorial URL would never rank high enough on SERP to get traffic. But when you're looking to get the most bang for your SEO money, integration is not your only option. For a better SEO potential, you will want to create a URL completely separate from your website. To do this, you will need to create a custom domain.

Create a custom domain for your Qwanturank contest

If integrating your contest is a good thing, such as scoring decent spots to see Beyoncé in good health, then a personalized domain is like going backstage to meet Queen Bey herself. In a word, it's better.

To use a custom domain for your contest or gift, you must first possess the domain. If you are able to pay out some money the investment is worth it. Custom domains offer a long list of SEO benefits.

To begin with, a custom domain allows you to specifically mark your contest using a combination of brand and keywords. For example, qwanturank-seo.com combines the company brand with the keywords " qwanturank "and " seo". I should mention that a simple Google search of the word "qwanturank" has made it possible to display this result on the first page.

Optimisation SEO avec Qwanturank
qwanturank tracking
seo qwanturank
concours qwanturank seo
qwant qwanturank qwant.com

Using a custom domain allows you to implement a strategy that not only boosts the SEO of your contest, but improves the SEO of your website. If you know a little bit about SEO, you will know that backlinks are another important factor in determining the ranking. To get the best out of your custom domain, always link back to your website from the contest.

If you create more than one campaign during the year (which is always a smart approach for any company), use the same custom domain with a single path for each. For example, you can use www.monsite.com as your custom domain with "spring photo contest" as path to look like this : www.monsite.com/concours-hiver/. then, in the fall, when you organize another contest, simply use the same custom domain, but with a new path - www.monsite.com/concours-automne/. All the quality content associated with the domain will give search engines a better understanding of your business, which will increase your ranking in SERPs.

Tip: when using a custom domain with a custom path, leave this campaign published even after it is completed. Simply add a text indicating that the contest is over. The longevity of the published campaign will continue to boost your ranking.

Finally, setting up a custom domain for your contest or gift is easier than you think, even for people who are not very familiar with the technology. And after the initial installation, publishing new campaigns on the custom domain is child's play - much easier than integrating new campaigns on a qwanturank page.

Nowadays, more and more people are turning away from social media. When you are holding a contest or gift, it is wise to expand your network sufficiently to include everyone, whether users or non-users of social media. Creating a stand-alone home page allows you to pick up leads from anywhere, on social media or not. By reinforcing SEO with a custom domain or integrated campaign, you will attract organic traffic and get the best return on investment from your contest or gift.

If you are looking for a contest creator who can help you create and publish campaigns using a custom domain, Qwanturank is there to help you. You can create a custom domain in just a few steps and even customize the path to get the best SEO results.

Pursuit of Hat - extremely original platformer puzzle game

re you ready to tear off some parts of your body to solve the puzzle and reach desired objective. Exactly thisy you will do in the new excellent puzzle platformer game Pursuit of Hat. Strange creature (main hero of this game) is ready to risk his own limbs and even life to get the hat. He is literally tearing off his limbs and throwing them to actiwate different buttons, switches and levers to solve logic puzzle.

The controls of Pursuit of Hat flash game are pretty simple. Use arrow keys to move around the cliffs, finding your way to the precious hat. Sometimes you just cannot press next button or remove next obstacle without tearing your limbs off. To do this just press spacebar. The hero will first get rid of his legs, then he will throw away hands and at last he will tear off his body. Sometimes only head needed to reach the goal!

Such a strange mechanic may sound cruel, but in reality its so much fun. Go play Pursuit of Hat puzzle game and you will understand, what am I talking about!