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Pursuit of Hat - extremely original platformer puzzle game

re you ready to tear off some parts of your body to solve the puzzle and reach desired objective. Exactly thisy you will do in the new excellent puzzle platformer game Pursuit of Hat. Strange creature (main hero of this game) is ready to risk his own limbs and even life to get the hat. He is literally tearing off his limbs and throwing them to actiwate different buttons, switches and levers to solve logic puzzle.

The controls of Pursuit of Hat flash game are pretty simple. Use arrow keys to move around the cliffs, finding your way to the precious hat. Sometimes you just cannot press next button or remove next obstacle without tearing your limbs off. To do this just press spacebar. The hero will first get rid of his legs, then he will throw away hands and at last he will tear off his body. Sometimes only head needed to reach the goal!

Such a strange mechanic may sound cruel, but in reality its so much fun. Go play Pursuit of Hat puzzle game and you will understand, what am I talking about!